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Buick Used Park Avenue Engine

Buick Park Avenue is a full-size car manufactured by Buick. The nameplate was first used in 1975 for an impression security container on the Electra 225 Limited. It became an Electra trim level in 1978 and its design beginning in the 1991 model year after the Electra was abandoned. There were two generations of Park Avenue that were built in the United States until 2005. In 2007, the nameplate was revived on a large Buick sedan built by Shanghai GM for the Chinese market based on the Holden Caprice from the WM/WN range. The nameplate is obtained from the prosperous New York City boulevard, Park Avenue. You are most welcome on our site the have huge multiple stocks of the Buick Park Avenue used engines and its parts across the USA. We provide trustworthy Buick used engines to the customers at a low price are the customer oriented company. Our aim to fulfill the needs of the customer at a very low cost. Come to take the most immeasurable benefits from us.
Types of the Buick Park Avenue Engines
(6 Cyl,231 cid, 3.8), without supercharged option: Park Avenue (VIN K,8th digit)
(6 Cyl,231 cid, 3.8), without supercharged option,(VIN 1,8th digit)
(6 Cyl,231 cid, 3.8), without supercharged option;(VIN K,8th digit)
(3.8L), W/supercharged option; (VIN 1,8th digit)
(3.8L), without supercharged option; (VIN K,8th digit)
Key Features of our Buick Park Avenue Engines
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  • Allocating fully synthetic oil improves mileage by 5-8%!
  • Rebuild and replacement with new automobile parts
  • Low mileage with the best warranty
The guarantees
  • All Engines Confirmed with the best Warranties.
  • All Engines are Fully Cleaned, Examined and Investigated.
  • Your Satisfaction is our Greatest Intention.
  • Right engine for your car

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