Buick Used LeSabre Engines:


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Buick Used LeSabre Engines

By the 1990s, the Buick LeSabre became a more subdued. After a 1992 redesign, the only engine offered on the LeSabre was a six-cylinder powerplant. In 1998, the Buick LeSabre was fresh off a 1997 reworking of the front end. A 3.8-liter Series II V-6 engine produced 170 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque impelled the 1998 vehicle through a four-speed automatic transmission. If you need the Buick LeSabre Used engine for your Welcome to you at The We fulfill your needs with our quality, lightweight,low-mileage, high performer used  engine at low cost.

Types Of The LeSabre Engines
(6 Cyl,231 cid,3.8L, VIN K,8th digit)
(3.8L, VIN K,8th digit)
Key features our Buick Used LeSabre Engines
  • High Quality Including official warranty
  • Accredited with our manpower automakers
  • Allocating fully synthetic oil improves mileage by 5-8%!
  • Rebuild and replacement by new automobile parts
The guarantees
  • Free delivery charges with the most authentic warranty
  • Re-build with new spare parts by our great technicians
  • Save¬† cut costs by our kind used an engine
  • Every Engine is Completely Cleaned, Tested and Inspected.

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