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BMW X3 Used Engine

The BMW X3 is a small leisure crossover SUV assembled by German automaker BMW considering 2003. Based on the BMW 3 Series program, and presently within its third generation, BMW markets the crossover a Sports Activity Vehicle, the company’s exclusive descriptor concerning its X-line of vehicles. If are in need to buy the BMW X3 used engine then you are at right place. Get used BMW X3 motors/engines from The network that offers up to the best pledge on modified units! We carry a wide-ranging inventory of used BMW engines for all appeals including gas and diesel engines. Reserve your used BMW X3 motors/engines from us and save future of your car ad money

BMW X3 Models

2.0i ; 2.5i ; 2.5si/ xDrive25i ; 3.0i ; 3.0si/ xDrive30i ; xDrive18d ; xDrive20d; xDrive30d ; xDrive35d ; xDrive20i ; xDrive28i ; xDrive28i; xDrive35i ; sDrive18d ; sDrive20i ; xDrive28d ; M40i ; xDrive30i

BMW X3 Engines code


N46B20 / M54B25  / N52B25 / M54B30 / N52B30 / N20B20U0 / N52B30 / N20B20O0 / N55B30M0 / BMW B48 / BMW B58 /


N47D20  / M47TUD20 / N47D20 / M57TUD30 /M57TU2D30 / M57TU2D30 / N57D30O1 / N57D30T1 / B47D20 / N57D30OL / N57D30TOP /BMW B47 /BMW B57 /

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